Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power for private gain

Corruption in the form of bribery, contractual kickbacks and scandals in public spending is prevalent throughout the world. On an average, in any country where corruption is a known occurrence, around $5 billion exchange hands every year. Corruption results in many problems for a country's political, economic and social structures. If everyone of us stop giving and taking bribes we can put an end to corruption in our respective countries.

The Zero Currency Concept

The zero currency bill of your country is a tool to help you achieve the goal of zero bribery and corruption. The note is a way for any citizen to say NO to bribery and corruption without the fear of facing an encounter with persons in authority. It lends voice to the voiceless, adding that the individual handing out the Zero Currency Bill is not a lone individual, but is part of a larger network of like minded citizens opposing bribe/corruption.

If you are confronted by someone asking you for a bribe, just print your country's zero currency bill, keep it handy and hand it to them. This will let the corrupt official or bribe-seeking person know that you refuse to subscribe to their acts of corruption and your refusal is certain to imply a follow up action with anti-corruption enforcement agencies of the local jurisdiction. In turn the corrupt person is bound to oblige to your democratic right in the form of an approval, certificate or a license.